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Relationships & The Universal Laws

By Duane Alley 


I have often told people that “all rules are breakable”… not laws though…

Laws such as the Law of Attraction are Laws, not ideas, not rules, not even beliefs… whether you are choosing to obey or not they are out there and in here working…period. And in regards to relationships, they work cleaner, clearer, and faster than in many other aspects of our lives. Relationships and all that is associated with them in our lives revolve primarily around feelings. They are created, powered, and driven not by our words and deeds but rather by our emotions. Emotion is the language of the UNIVERSE; they are our direct line of communication with Consciousness (what the Quantum Sciences call Pure Potentiality). Paulo Coelho calls it the Soul of the World and the Soul of God in his book The Alchemist. David Bohm, the famous Neuro-Scientist, called it the Extricate Order. Dr. Michael Beckwith founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center (made famous from the Secret) calls it Love Consciousness… others call it Spirit of God. It only stands to reason (and feeling) that the Universal Laws will operate faster in and on the Universal Language.

… our thoughts… all I had to do was Focus my Thoughts in the right way to feel in the way I needed to so that the Universal Laws and the Laws of Attraction could operate… by the way, that was LAWS of Attraction (there is more than one… we’ll discuss that later).


Thoughts are energy. Thought creates feelings and emotion. Thoughts and emotional energy is created in and by your mind. Thoughts and emotional energy are magnetic and as the energy gathers and builds in quantity and substance it creates our perceptions (how we view the world). Then from our perceptions comes our constructed reality, our created and manifested experience.

If I truly wanted a relationship then it was first necessary to clear out all my old “stuff” around relationships to allow it to happen. The magnetic quality of Emotion causes like to attract like… emotions attract situations and people to enhance the emotion and to bring about more of the same… there is truth in the teaching “if you want to be loved, be loving… if you want to have joy, be joyous”.


There are only two types of thoughts and feelings: Expansive and Reductive. Expansive thoughts and feelings create joy, lightness, expansion, and empowerment. While Reductive thoughts and feelings disempower, shrink you and your limits, leave you feeling heavy, sad, and reduced.

Your thoughts are the precursor and first step to your EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM. If you are thinking in a way that could or is bringing you further from your dreams, wants, and desires then you will begin to FEEL Reductive feelings. This is the warning bell of your Guidance System calling out for you to take a different path (thought path).

When you are thinking on the path that leads or will lead you to what it is you truly want and need then your Guidance System rewards you and encourages you with Expansive feelings.

Either way, the emotions at play will draw in more of the same. Their magnetic quality is a communication to you with a purpose and meaning… it is up to you to ACT.

What are you feeling now?
Do you want to be feeling this way?
What thoughts are driving this?
If you are not experiencing the feelings you want, how else can you be thinking now?

Want different feelings – change the thinking!


There are four and they operate in sequence as well as a simultaneous manner…

1. The Law of AWARENESS
2. The Law of ALLOWING
4. The Law of ACCEPTING

To truly create the relationship of my dream and deepest held want and desire I would need to learn, embrace and live all four laws… and for you to truly create the Relationship you seek, so will you… you have already started on the first one… you are now AWARE they exist… and aware of the thinking that is leading to the feelings you are experiencing now…

Think – Feel – Do – Get

Next time… we continue talking about more of what you can DO…


  • Relationships & The Universal Laws

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