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Lost Universal Laws – Law of Supply

By Mustafa Yucel 

According to one of the universal laws, we, humans, are entitled to anything we need. This is because of nature’s life cycles. Nothing is really lost. Everything just goes in rotation. For instance, whenever it rains, the rainwater goes into the sea and into other bodies of water. Then, it evaporates and returns into the sky as clouds. And after that, it rains again. This proves that all the supplies in the world will remain the same. The universe provides an infinite supply of all our needs. This is what the law of supply states.

However, God does not want humans to be forever indulgent. This is because we are always seeking and trying to acquire better things. We want to live in bigger houses, acquire better jobs, and obtain more knowledge. We are forever discontented. Whenever we get a thing that we desire, we always want to have a better one.

Each day, good and bad things become attracted to us because the principle of the law of supply always works. So, if you want to attract better things instead of bad ones, you have to learn and understand the Law. You must also learn to lighten up and develop your mind to a wider perspective. You have to think more about abundance. And you must apply all the universal laws correctly.

In addition, our minds are like magnets that attract whatever we think of. Our minds have tremendous abilities, but they have to be trained into attracting the things that we desire. That is why we need to have somebody who can teach us about universal laws. You need a mentor who can show you how to apply the law of supply in your life and how to train your mind. Self-studying can be difficult, and you will have better guidance with the help of a good mentor.

Certainly, a lot of people have not exerted much effort into developing the magnetic powers of their minds. And perhaps, you are one of these people. Your mind is perplexed and weak. You also do not understand the universal laws well. But if you want your mind to function as a strong magnet, you have to charge it with positive energy. And pretty soon, it will be attracting prosperity and all the things that you dream of having.

You will also be able to reach all your aspirations if you have a trained mind. Nevertheless, to be able to charge your mind, you must ensure that all your thoughts are pure and constructive. See the good in everything and think about supply. Then, talk about supply and do your best to obtain it. You will never run out of it anyway because this is how the law of supply works.

However, you must not confuse money with supply. You must know that money is just a means of supply. And if you only want money, you will neglect the real supplies. Thus, you will interrupt the flow of good supplies in your life and you will not be happy. You will also go against the law of supply, as well as against the other universal laws.


  • Lost Universal Laws - Law of Supply

    Mustafa Yucel is one of the valuable members of The Lost Universal Laws Team. He has been enjoying the universal laws for several years in every area of his successful life. Now, he wants to share his exclusive knowledge and show the "easiest ways" to come up with these laws to everyone.

    You can easily learn how you too can change your life just like hundreds of other people through his official website at: http://thelostuniversallaws.com

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