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How to Find the Elusive Higher Self

By Hieu Doan 

The Higher Self is the key to getting in tune with your true purpose in life.

Everyone has a purpose.

It is that which gives your life deep and true meaning and value.

The Higher Self is aligned with your highest purpose and so when you are aligned with your Higher Self you automatically are aligned with your highest, truest purpose.

From the consciousness of the Higher Self, you are able to see clearly what it is that you came to this planet to do.

Just as importantly the Higher Self consciousness allows you to know exactly how to do it.

Moving from the “normal” consciousness to the “Higher Self” consciousness is something that humans have been searching to do since the beginning of our existence.

People talk about “finding themselves” and what they mean is finding that part of themselves that feels “right.”

People talk about “being true to themselves” and what they mean is being in alignment with that part of themselves that feels “right.”

The Higher Self is the part that always knows what is right – because it knows why you are here on this planet.

There is no confusion… no doubt – just crystal clear knowledge, wisdom, and perspective.

The problem for most people has simply been finding the darn thing!

The thing is it’s a lot easier to find the Higher Self when you understand it.

So many modern and supposedly knowledge sources on the Higher Self are by scientific “authorities” that would readily admit that they have never met their Higher Self.

So how can they expect to help anyone else find it?

Forget about science for now.

They’re way behind.

Would you ask a scientist how to get you to the top of Mount Everest if they’d never been there?

Or would you rather go with an experienced mountain climber who’d done the trip a thousand times with no problem?

The climber may not be able to explain what this muscle protein was doing to affect that movement…

They don’t need to!

As long as they can get you to the top!

When it comes to real understanding, the climber knows volumes more than the scientist who has never climbed!

The problem with looking at the Higher Self from the perspective of science is that it easily becomes an intellectual exercise – and the Higher Self is “higher” than the intellect.

In fact, the Higher Self operates at a speed that makes the intellect look like its processing at the speed of rock.

That’s part of the reason why the Higher Self can seem so elusive.

Quite simply, the Higher Self is communicating so fast, that most people just can’t keep up!

The solution is to learn how to perceive at the speed of the Higher Self – and this just cannot occur with the intellect.

When you can perceive at the speed of the Higher Self then communicating with the Higher Self is as easy as reading these words – actually, it’s easier!

Reading takes time to process and interpret.

Communication with the Higher Self is immediate and instantaneous!

You communicate and “boom” the knowledge is there.

Life makes sense when you are connected to your Higher Self.

It makes sense because the Higher Self knows your true purpose and it knows how to do it.

Things can’t get much simpler than that.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not quite on track with things in life, or that you just know that there’s something more… then its because your Higher Self is giving you signals to listen and communicate with it.

Learn to communicate with the Higher Self and all things become crystal clear.


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