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How to Connect With Your Higher Self

By Susan G Eller 

How would you like to have direct access to higher guidance? Well, you can. There is a wise part of you that connects directly to your Source, your Divinity. This part of you is called the Higher Self. The Higher Self is the higher power within you that loves you unconditionally. You can access your Higher Self at any time for higher guidance and wisdom. The following guided journey will guide you through this process. If you have trouble visualizing just sense the experience in your own way or just imagine that it is happening.

Close your eyes, take a slow deep breath, and allow yourself to relax. Take another deep, relaxing breath and release any tension. Imagine that a peaceful wave of relaxing energy flows from the top of your head, down your body, and out through your toes.

Imagine that you are floating safely and gently on a soft, buoyant cloud that completely supports your body. You feel safe and secure on this cloud as it transports you to the magical countryside. You drift, float and feel so light as this cloud gently lowers you down so that you can walk on the earth. Step off the cloud now and look around you.

Take a moment to tune into the environment here. What do you see? Do you hear anything? Smell anything? Make this experience as pleasant and appealing as possible. As you look around your magical countryside imagine that you see a path before you. Look down the path and see a golden staircase ascending to the blue sky above. As you look up at the sky imagine that you see a glowing, golden star of light descending from above. The star floats to the top of the staircase and begins to descend down the stairs. As it does, you realize that it is a star of light that surrounds a radiant being. This radiant being is your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self walks down the path toward you. As your Higher Self approaches you to feel its radiance. You feel its light and strength and you feel its love. Take a moment to greet your higher self as he or she approaches you. Your Higher Self loves you very much and only wants the best for you.

To more fully feel the presence of your Higher Self, imagine that your Higher Self walks around and stands behind you. Now, take a step backward and merge with your Higher Self. Feel the radiance within you. Feel the strength, the wisdom, the light, and the love. Breathe this energy into your body down to every cell. When you are ready imagine that your Higher Self steps back away from your body. Your Higher Self then walks around to face you again.

Your Higher Self has guidance for you. Take a moment to receive its message. You can ask your Higher Self questions. Take a few moments to do this. When you are finished, thank your Higher Self for helping you.

You can then either imagine that your Higher Self returns to the golden staircase or you can merge with your Higher Self. Prepare to return to your waking state. Imagine that you once again float safely and gently on a cloud that takes you back to the room you are in. Count up from one to five starting with the number one. Gently come back into your body with each number until you reach five. Then open your eyes feeling wide-awake and refreshed.

Connect with your Higher Self often as a way to keep in contact with your inner guidance, inner wisdom, and essence. You can even imagine that you go about your day as your Higher Self and see what a difference that makes. May your journey with your Higher Self enrich your life.


  • How to Connect With Your Higher Self

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